Rami Arieli: "The Laser Adventure" Chapter 10 Section 0, page 1
Chapter 10: Holography
In everyday life we see everything in 3-D, and we accept it as obvious.
However, when we look at a hologram which show a 3-D image of something, we are impressed.
Holographyenables looking at a 3 dimensional scene, where the perspective and parallax are kept as in real life. (Parallax is the relative position of the bodies in the picture, as seen from different points of view Click here to read more about parallax).
The medium on which the 3-D image is recorded is called Hologram

The name Hologram comes from the Greek language, and means whole message (picture).

Looking at a hologram from different angles, show different perspectives of the scene.

All the information on the 3 dimensional scene is retained in the hologram.

 Since hologram is based on interferometry, it will be explained first:

What is recorded on the hologram is not the image (as in standard film photography), but the interference pattern created by the waves from all parts of the bodies in the scene.

Interference pattern is created between two beams of light (waves) occupying the same place in space at the same time.

At the end of Chapter 10, there are links to holographic Web sites, where nice pictures of holograms can be seen, and more information can be read, especially on commercial products.