Rami Arieli: "The Laser Adventure" Chapter 7 Section 0, page 1
Chapter 7

In the introduction (in chapter 1) the properties of laser radiation were described briefly.

Here each of these properties will be described with the means to measure it.

The methods for controlling these properties, and the way to use each one for different applications are described in chapter 8.

Details of chapter 7:

7.0 Introduction - Radiometry and units of measuring electromagnetic radiation.

7.1 Spatial distribution of the emitted radiation at the output coupler.

7.2 Beam divergence out of the laser, and the ways to control it.

7.3 Laser pulses.

7.4 Special mechanisms for creating short pulses:

7.4.1 Controlling pulse duration with excitation mechanism.
7.4.2 Q switched Lasers.
7.4.3 Mode Locked Lasers.
7.5 Polarization of Electromagnetic Radiation